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Coin Change: Find number of ways of representing n cents

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Reverse a linked list in Linear Time without using extra space

Linked List

Insert, Search and Delete Operation in Binary Search Tree

Tree Data Structure

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System Design Guide To Ace Your Next System Design Interview

"System Design" or "System Architecture" is a very popular term when it comes to job interviews at Big tech companies like Facebook, Google,...

Distance, Diameter, Eccentricity, Radius and Center of a Graph

A graph is defined as a set of Vertices and lines joining these vertices known as Edges.  Today we will learn about various...

Introduction to Gradient Descent for Machine Learning

Gradient Descent is an optimization algorithm commonly used in machine learning to optimize a Cost Function or Error Function by updating the parameters...

HeapSort Algorithm Tutorial and Implementation

HeapSort is an efficient (O(N*lognN) time) comparison-based sorting algorithm based on Binary Heaps. It works by dividing input unsorted array into the sorted...

Build Heap and Heapify Operation [Tutorial]

Build Heap is a process of building a Heap from a given element generally in an array format. The resulting heap will be...

Binary Heap Data Structure [Introduction]

A Binary Heap is a form of Binary Tree with the following additional properties - A Binary Heap is a complete Binary tree...