Inorder Successor of a Node in Binary Search Tree

Given a pointer to a node of a Binary Search Tree(BST), we have to find the next node, which is the Inorder successor of the given node (assume a pointer to a parent node is already given).

Check if a Binary Tree is a Binary Search Tree

Given a Binary Tree, we have to validate whether it is a valid Binary Search Tree(BST) or not. Print true, if given Binary Tree is a valid BST else print false. Let's understand this problem better with an example ...

Design an algorithm to create a linked list of all the nodes at each depth

Given a binary tree, we have to design an algorithm that will create a linked list of all the nodes at each depth or level. For example, if we have a tree with depth D, then there...

Algorithm to create linked list of nodes at each depth in Binary tree

Here we are given a binary tree, and we have to design an algorithm from scratch, which will create a linked list of all nodes at each depth. Let's understand what this means with the following example. Ex-> ...

Binary Search Tree Tutorial and Implementation

Binary Search Tree(BST) is a type of tree data structure which has the following properties: It should be a Binary Tree i.e, each node should have at most 2 children. The keys in the left subtree are always less...

Tree Data Structure Tutorial and application

A tree is a Data Structure composed of nodes, where each node is a data structure consisting of value, together with a list of references to the children Properties of the tree data structure: Each tree has a root node. ...

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